Table Set up for a romantic meal on the beach

20 Valentine’s Day image prompt ideas for Midjourney

Valentine’s is a special day celebrating love and affection between partners, friends, and family.
To add to the festive spirit, many people like to use creative images to express their love. We would like to share 20 Valentine’s Day image prompts (Ideas) for Midjourney that you can use to spread love on this special Day.
You can use these image prompts as inspiration.

1. A couple holding hands and smiling at each other in a romantic park. The beautiful surroundings of a park add to the romantic atmosphere.
2. A red heart balloon is floating in a blue sky. 
3. A bouquet of red roses on a table with a bottle of champagne. 
4. A candlelit dinner for two in an intimate atmosphere.
5. A happy couple embracing on a beach. The sandy beach, the waves, and the sky provide a breathtaking background for this image.
6. A box of chocolates with a love note.
7. A cup of coffee with hearts drawn on the foam.
8. A heart-shaped tree with a sunset background.
9. A heart-shaped cookie.
10. A couple cuddling on a couch with a movie playing.
11. A red rose petal trail leading to a surprise.
12. A couple is dancing in a dimly lit room.
13. A love letter with a quill pen and inkwell.
14. A heart-shaped puzzle.
15. A couple on a horse-drawn carriage through a cityscape.
16. A couple sharing a kiss at a mountaintop viewpoint.
17. A heart shaped waffle with strawberries and whipped cream.
17. A couple walking in the rain.
19. A love note written on a chalkboard with hearts drawn around it.
20. A love tree with initials carved into the trunk.

Each of the following prompts is a unique representation of love and affection, and can inspire you to create something beautiful and meaningful. Whether you are a writer, artist, or just someone looking for some inspiration, these prompts are sure to spark your creativity.