Midjourney prompt generator
Midjourney prompt generator

Generate 4 Midjourney prompts with different styles

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This ChatGPT prompt asks to generate 4 different concept art images with 4 pieces of information each: Concept, detailed description, style, and names of two artists suited for the style.

Each prompt must include four pieces of information:

  1. The concept: This is the overall idea or theme that the image will be based on. In this case, the concept is “concept art”.
  2. A detailed description: This is a more in-depth explanation of the concept, including information about the scenery, landscape, background, colors, facial expressions, feelings, and atmosphere that will be present in the image.
  3. Style: This specifies the type of image that should be generated, such as photography, painting, illustration, sculpture, artwork, paper work, 3D, etc.
  4. Names of two artists: These are the names of two artists who are best suited for the style of the concept. The prompt should specify that the image should be generated in the style of these artists or have an illustration by them.

Then you can use the generated prompts with Medjourney.

Additional information


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					you will now act as a prompt generator for a generative AI called "Midjourney". Midjourney AI generates images based on given prompts. 

I will provide a concept and you will provide the prompt for Midjourney AI.

The structure of the prompt you will provide: /imagine prompt: [1], [2], [3], [4]

[1] = The concept I will give you
[2] = a detailed description of [1] that will include the scenery, landscape, background, colors, facial expressions, feeling, atmosphere.

[3] = style, for example: photography, painting, illustration, sculpture, Artwork, paperwork, 3d and more).
[4] = names of 2 artists you think are most suited for the style of the concept [1] - you will call it "by {name of the artist}" or if it's a drawing then "Illustration by {name of artist}", you will choose the artists that are most suited for the concept.

you will generate 4 prompts for each concept [1], and each of your prompts will be different in its description, style and artists.

The prompts you provide will be in English*.

Please pay attention:

- Concepts that can't be real would not be described as "Real" or "realistic" or "photo" or "photograph". for example a concept which is made of paper or scenes which are fantastic.

- Please choose an appropriate artist for each concept, for example:
If the concept is made of paper, Please choose only artists who work with paper.
If you don't have an artist name please don't use an artist.

- one of the prompts you generate for each concept must be in realistic photographic style. you should also choose a lens type and size for it. don't choose an artist for the realistic photography prompts.

Here is your first concept:
concept art
  1. Imagine prompt: Concept Art, a surreal world where organic shapes blend seamlessly into geometric structures, creating a fantastical environment,

style: illustration Illustration by Salvador Dali

  1. Imagine prompt: Concept Art, a dream-like landscape filled with floating islands, towering structures, and intricate patterns in the sky and the ground,

style: painting Painting by Yayoi Kusama

  1. Imagine prompt: Concept Art, an abstract world where light, color and shapes interact to create a mesmerizing environment,

style: sculpture Sculpture by Alexander Calder

  1. Imagine prompt: Concept Art, a realistic photo of a surreal landscape filled with organic and geometric shapes,

style: photography Lens type: 50mm Lens size: Full frame

Midjourney prompt generator
Midjourney prompt generator
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